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Connecting to localhost when connected to VPN


   i have connected my network to VPN.. (cisco Any connect and cisco vpn client).Now i am not able to connect to my localhost(master machine).. i required both to be connected at same time.

Network admin people of my company has told me that i can't connect to remote and local simultaneously..Please help me regarding this..

My company is using some sonic firewall.Only that much i know about servers..

Thanks in Advance,



Re: Connecting to localhost when connected to VPN

Hi Varghese,

In order to access local LAN resources while connected to the VPN you have two options:

1- Split-tunneling tunnelspecified.

The tunnelspecified keyword tunnels all traffic from or to the specified networks. This option enables split tunneling. It lets you create a network list of addresses to tunnel. Data to all other addresses travels in the clear and is routed by the remote user's Internet service provider.

2- Split-tunneling excludespecified.

The excludespecified keyword defines a list of networks to which traffic goes in the clear. This feature is useful for remote users who want to access devices on their local network, such as printers, while they are connected to the corporate network through a tunnel. This option applies only to the Cisco VPN client.

  Configuring Split-Tunneling Attributes


Let me know if you have any questions.

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