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CSA install applications

By default CSA detects when a new program is being installed and queries the user 'are you trying to install a new application'

As you can see, the first event denies rp505enu.exe to invoke its own setup files in a temp directory while the second rule denies the setup files in the temp directory from actually installing the app

However, I have turned off 'user interaction' for all users, thus the default action of 'deny' is taken. Now my users are unable to install programs and I want to give them this right as long as they are installing new applications from \\server1\goodapps

These are relevant logs. Can someone tell me what I can do to allow users to install any application from \\server1\goodapps


Re: CSA install applications

What version of CSA (because it might matter)?

Give this a try:

Create a windows file set variable called Goodapps with \\server1\goodapps as the directory and *.exe as the allowed files.

Create an application class using the Goodapps variable.

Create an application control rule that allows all applications to run the Goodapps app class.

You might also need to allow all descendants of the initial installer but this should work for you...

Tom S

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