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Default route propegation


I am trying to configure a new ASA ( Version 8.3(2) ) with EIGRP enabled on the inside interface along with RRI. However, I do not want to redistribute or listen for a default route. I have verified the config below prevents the ASA from learning  default route should the outside interface go down, but it is still redistributing itself as a potential default gateway. Is it possible to prevent this?

router eigrp 2801

no auto-summary

no default-information in

no default-information out


passive-interface default

no passive-interface inside

redistribute static

Thank you

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Re: Default route propegation


Have you tried to create a filter list (distribute or prefix-list) to filter the default route from being advertised?


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Re: Default route propegation

I did try a distribute list and a route map, but was unable to get the syntax correct. Any advice on how I could set this up is appreciated.


Re: Default route propegation

If you have access via ASDM...

Configuration - Device Setup - Routing - EIGRP - Default Information

You can create a rule to filter the propagation of the default information route.


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Re: Default route propegation

I attempted to do this, but adding a filter for matches all routes causing all of my statics inserted via RRI to be blocked.

It looks like a route-map may be the only way to do this, and even then I have not been able to get this working.

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Re: Default route propegation

I was able to get this working, but it appears I will have to declare each remote network in the access list and pay attention to the ordering. Here is what worked.

distribute-list eigrpACL_FR out interface inside

was added to the EIRGP config, and the access list reads as follows -

access-list eigrpACL_FR standard permit

access-list eigrpACL_FR standard deny any

Not what I had hoped for, but it works. Thanks for the assistance!

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