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DHCP Request over IPSEC VPN Tunnel on ASA

Hi All ,

           I have S2S tunnel  established between Customer HO to our development center , Inside interface of my firewall is connected to an L3 switch , In this L3 switch , I have 2 ,No's of SVI Vlan defined ,Frist VLAN 10 user ll get IP address from local DHCP server connected to L3 switch , another VLAN 20 must need to get IP address from Customer HO DHCP server over VPN tunnel  .

On the L3  switch SVI second VLAN  20 i have helper address configured , so that my DHCP message will be unicast message from this VLAN interface .IP helper address is DHCP server IP address ( of remote location .

Does IPSec VPN tunnel will pass unicast DHCP message to customer HO DHCP server via IPsec VPN tunnel ???.

how to achieve this DHCP IP assigment over here  ?? if have connected my VLAN 20 directly to ASA  inside interface , i can use DHCP relay configuration . but over here i am sending DHCP message as unicast DHCP message from my l3 switch to firewall inside interface . Does VPN tunnel support for DHCP traffic ?? or VPN tunnel does not support of dhcp traffic .???.

switch (vlan10 , vlan20) ---> ASA----->internet----> ASA----> DHCP server

HTH Regards Santhosh Saravanan
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DHCP Request over IPSEC VPN Tunnel on ASA

Please check this post, This will help.

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