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DHCP server problem

Hello, I try to establish an external DHCP server for a remote server VPN. With a capture, I can see packets going to DHCP server but I can't see any response from DHCP server.

How can I see response incoming in from DHCP server on my capture?

tunnel-group TunelVPN general-attributes

default-group-policy TunelVPN


The capture is

30: 18:18:52.662380 > udp 548

31: 18:18:55.659694 > udp 548

32: 18:18:59.659694 > udp 548

33: 18:19:04.659694 > udp 548

New Member

Re: DHCP server problem

I think I should get a broadcast like this:

34: 18:20:43.277375 > udp 239

35: 18:20:43.277451 > udp 208

36: 18:20:46.309386 > udp 239

37: 18:20:46.309447 > udp 208

38: 18:24:49.758871 > udp 239

39: 18:24:49.758948 > udp 208

New Member

Re: DHCP server problem

are you using the ip helper command on your firewall?

with IPsec, you can only turn a broadcast into a directional

broadcast with the ip helper

address command on the inside of your source.

New Member

Re: DHCP server problem

There is no ip helper command on ASA


New Member

Re: DHCP server problem

then try configuring it because the dhcp request is a broadcast and it wont reach the other site without the directed broadcast

New Member

Re: DHCP server problem


It is right to send a unicast.

But I can't receive any response from the server.

Maybe I have to configure a DHCP relay, do you know if it is needed to configure a DHCP relay? Because I have to unconfigure DHCP server from VPN tunnel-group to configure DHCP relay.

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