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Disable split tunneling on VPN

Hi all,

I need to create a VPN and have split tunneling disabled, so that all traffic including internet traffic goes over the vpn back to the headquators and out that internet pipe or to the network. I will be using the Cisco VPN client software and connecting to a 2811 router running IOS ver 12.3(8r)T7. I am pretty new when it comes to these configurations so any help will be greatly helpful. Ive tryed looking for articles on how to do this and have come up pretty short. Thanks for the help!!


Disable split tunneling on VPN

Hello Jeremy,

You should not worry that much for this as by default with a VPN client all traffic is going to be tunnel ( tunnel all) .

If you need to configure split tunnel policies there is where you need to make changes to the group-policies.



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Julio Carvajal
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Disable split tunneling on VPN


In regards to split tunnel, I am also having a dilema on how to configure the policy, so the local LAN access is permitted, while all other traffic, corporate and Internet, still goes through the tunnel.

Reading about it, I found this:

"In a remote access VPN deployment, split tunneling gives the user direct  access to a public network and VPN access to a private network  simultaneously. The end user's computer becomes an extended Internet  entry point to the corporate network. If no proper security measures are  in place on the end user's computer, attackers have opportunities to  compromise the computer from the Internet and gain access to the  internal network through the VPN tunnel. For this reason, many  organizations choose to disable split tunneling in their remote access  VPN deployment.

When split tunneling is disabled, one common issue is that users can no  longer access the local LAN for tasks such as printing. The solution is  to disable split tunneling but enable local LAN access. This way, the  local LAN traffic will not be tunneled to the head-end SSL VPN gateway."

As different users have difefrent local subnets and we don't know them, I configured the policy like this:

Where the SPLIT network list is

would this also send the Internet traffic through the local LAN gateway or tunneled (preferred).

A whireshark capture on the Cisco Anyconnect interface while sending ICMP traffic to a host on the Internet, shows so, but still not sure.


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