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DMVPN Hub and spoke config question


I am trying to setup DMVPN hub and spoke configuration with 50 remote sites and I don't want spoke to spoke connectivity. The remote sites piublic IP address is dynamically learned. From the remote site, I want to make hub1 as primary and hub2 as backup. Anybody has any idea how to do this? I will appreciate any help on this.



Re: DMVPN Hub and spoke config question

It is very easy check this

And there is not any problem with the DHCP Spokes because you do not map the Spoke IP from the HUB.. But Map the HUP IP from the spokes. So everytime the spoke register with the hub via nhrp it provides its IPs.

In the section IPsec + mGRE Hub and Spoke

note that in these links there are configurations that use crypto map and tunnel protecion as well. DO NOT USE Crypto maps use ipsec profiles

All the info that you require is in these links.

I hope it helps.

Re: DMVPN Hub and spoke config question

In this link there are 2 hubs one as backup and the spokes are using DHCP this is exactly what you are looking for.

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