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dmvpn problem with dual Hub and dual wan spoke

Hi everybody,

I need help for my dmvpn configuration. First i am sorry for my poor writing; I only speak a little English.

Straight to the point so:

I want to configure a dmvpn between 2 hubs (isr 2811) (one isp on each) and 1 spoke (in reality 13 but I only need to understand 1 configuration). The spoke (isr 1811) have 2 ISP (2 wan links).

The goal is that if a link failed on the spoke or on the hub, the private network behind the hub can still be reached by the private network behind the spoke.

The 2 hubs are on the same private network




I use eigrp as routing protocol. I can't use bgp.

For the moment only one tunnel comes up (between the spoke fa 1 and the hub1) and I can ping the hub lan network but if I cut off the hub 1, the tunnel go down and no other tunnel comes up … if I cut off the spoke fa1 its strange, sometime a tunnel comes up and I can ping and sometime no.. (sa keepalive ?)

For those who are accustomed with dmvpn, does a configuration between dual hub and DUAL WAN spoke have a chance to work? What are my mistakes in my configuration?

If some of you have sample with a dual-wan spoke dmvpn It would be a great help.

Thank for your time and advice.


Re: dmvpn problem with dual Hub and dual wan spoke

The below URL explains with configuration which shows a hub and spoke IPsec design between three routers. This configuration differs from other hub and spoke configurations because in this example, communication is enabled between the spoke sites by going through the hub. In other words, there is not a direct IPsec tunnel between the two spoke routers. All packets are sent across the tunnel to the hub router where it redistributes them out the IPsec tunnel shared with the other spoke router:

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