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DMVPN Spoke with 2 Wan connections for failover to single Hub

Scenario:  We currently have a DMVPN hub running two tunnels, one to each of our two spoke sites. We are using static routing. At these sites, we'd like to have failover to another ISP if the primary goes down, then reverting back to the original when it comes back up.  I've had many issues getting this configuration to work successfully, with various results.  Just looking for a good source material to look at for this scenario, with examples. 

Thus far, I've tried running two tunnels from the hub to the spoke, with the spoke using one wan interface for each tunnel and the hub using the same interface for both tunnels. (along with the tunnel going to the other spoke).  I've tried using sla to fail over to the higher cost route, but noticed that the traffic isn't following suit across the tunnel, plus when the primary isp comes back up it doesn't revert back to the primary route. 

So, to summarize, it's broken.  Would appreciate anyone who could provide a breakdown of what would be involved in this scenario, with examples.

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Hello, I was actually going



I was actually going to implement something similar to this. Did you ever get a solution?

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