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Domain Login Script for Home Users - Assistance Required....

I am using the AnyConnect client for VPN for employees that work remotely through out the day, and for employees to work from home.  I am using a VB script that is pushed down via the ASA to the end users that will map their network drives after successful authentication.  This process is working to some extent.  For my mobile users, who have machines that are part of our Windows AD domain, this login script runs, and all drive mappings are connecting.  However, I do believe that this is due in part to the fact that they log in to their laptops using cached credentials on the machines.  My VB script uses the following command to get the current user logged in to the machine.

strUserID = objWshNetwork.Username

However, for home users that use machines that are not part of our AD Domain, they get constant errors on the login script, and thus the drive mappings are not successful for them.  In our AD, accounts are first initial - complete last name (i.e.  John Doe would be jdoe).  For the home users logging in to their own machine, they may not be following the same account name (i.e. John Doe could log on to their machine as John Doe).  I am wondering is there a way through the VB script if it is possible to get their login name that they enter in the AnyConnect client, and pass that value to the VB script so that the strUserID is properly set and their drive mappings occur.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance


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