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Dual Hub DMVPN Question

I am trying to figure out if in a dual hub DMVPN (as in Figure 1-4 here) can the secondary hub also be a spoke of the primary hub?

I don't think it can but wanted to see if this makes sense: The scenario is a head office with 6 branch offices. I have DMPVN working fine between them all in a single hub fashion. The requirement is to allow site-site DMVPN functionality to continue to work in the event of a loss of the head office, with one of the branches designated the backup hub. the problem is that in normal mode, that same branch is a spoke, not a hub.

Could it possibly be done with a second tunnel interface on all of the routers and a new address space for them (along with a new instance of all the other standard DMVPN bits)? If that would work, I'd imagine I'd need to tweak the routing metric (I'm using EIGRP) to make it a less preferred path as long as the primary DMPVN was working.

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