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Dual HUB_DMVPN Single Cloud Query

Hello All,

I m working on one design where I have to provide DMVPN as a tertiary backup to the existing Prim/Sec BGP/MPLS setup which is in HUB and Spoke topology. I have created scenario and working on configuration.. but I have some queries here but before that I will explain scenario and accordingly queries -  

1. There are prim/sec HUB/DC and spoke sites which are in HUB and spoke topology

2. One VRF has been used for customer routes which has been configured on Prim/Sec HUB CE routers and no VRF configuration on spoke CE routers

3. To this I have to provide DMVPN as a tertiary backup with Dual HUB DMVPN setup using EIGRP over DMVPN cloud

4.  Now, At HUB and Spoke sites we will introduce another router acting as a DMVPN HUB which will have iBGP with Prim/Sec and will run EIGRP for DMVPN

5. Similarly we will introduce DMVPN router at spoke sites

Now queries

1. Do I need to configure VRF on DMVPN as well?

2. Here I m going to do mutual redistribution between BGP and EIGRP on HUB so while redistributing from BGP to EIGRP will it be VRF specific? So in that case do I need to configure EIGRP with VRF?

3. I m wondering whether we really need to configure and really not sure on this. I think when we redistribute from EIGRP to BGP that time it will come under specific VRF address-family configuration under BGP configuration and when we redistribute from BGP to EIGRP it will be just as is without any VRF really required. M I right?

Thanks for reading my queries and appreciate your answers very much..

Many thanks,


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Is your current primary "hub

Is your current primary "hub and spoke" system using DMVPN or MPLS?

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It is MPLS..

It is MPLS..

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So you are acting as a

So you are acting as a service provider, offering a L3VPN MPLS service?

If so, the DMVPN can go on your service provider side, and not have VRFs on it (well, you could place any Internet circuit in a separate VRF for security). You could configure the CE the same way as you configure any other CE, just rather than it having (say) a fibre backhaul, it will have a DMVPN backhaul.

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Ok, thanks mate for reply...

Ok, thanks mate for reply... my DMVPN will have public network (Internet) as the underlay network.. So that means it will be just normal configuration... right ?

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