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EasyVPN question

I am doing a lab in dynamips trying to get an EasyVPN config working to a 3640. The lab requires me to use SDM to get everything setup. On my laptop I have Cisco VPN Client installed. I am able to connect to the EasyVPN server (HQ in the topology below) and pull an IP address and Split Tunnel to 172.16.3/24. When I attempt to ping to 172.16.3/24 I am unable to communicate. Looking at the statistics on the VPN client I see the bypass and discarded counters going up, but encrypted/decrypted are at zero. If I sniff the traffic I cannot see any ICMP Echo Requests being generated, it's as if the packets aren't even being sent in the first place, but the discarded counter keeps climbing. I am completely stumped. I don't know if it's the adapter (I have my laptop in the C4 cloud connecting to SW0 via a MS Loopback adapter) or what. The fact that no ICMP traffic is seen is wierd. Thanks ahead of time for any help.


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Re: EasyVPN question

I think it has to do with how I am using my loopback adapter. I am going to try tonight with a physical topology of routers instead of the dynamips and we'll see if she works.

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