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Eliminate VPN Connection, How can I eliminate a VPN of two VPNs.

We use three CISCO 1921 integrated routers at three sites, each 1921 has global IP address, and is located in three different countries respectively.

One of them is in the center site and the other two are in satellite sites, and two VPN connections are established between the center 1921 and other two, respectively. (Therefore, the center 1921 has a configuration containing the information of itself and the two satellite 1921. But 1921 at satellite has a configuration containing the information of the center and itself.)

At this time, we do not use one satellite 1921, so we would like to eliminate one VPN connection. But, we cannot access the satellite 1921, we can access the center 1921 and another satellite 1921. We need to log in to the center 1921 to eliminate one VPN connection. In the above situation, I'd like to ask the following questions. 

(Q1) Is there any simple command, for instance "Clear", "Erase", "Eliminate", or "Remove" to eliminate one of the two VPN connections?

(Q2) If there isn't any simple command, should we configure 1921 again, with only one VPN information? 

I'm a beginner of CISCO 1921, and I expect and appreciate any advice.

Best Regards,





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In center 1921, if you are

In center 1921, if you are using single cryto map for both tunnels,try to remove the peer command as below,

no crypto map mymap 1 set peer X.X.X.X

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Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your advice.

Sorry for my long time no-response.

Let ma ask some more questions, it might sound like beginner's level.

(Q1) I guess I should enter the command from a PC locally connected to a CISCO 1921, shouldn't I?

(Q2) Does the command "no crypto map mymap 1 set peer X.X.X.X" change settings on memory?

(Q3) Once I execute the command, Should I save settings into a configuration file, correct? then, what is the correct command to save the settings into a file?







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