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ERROR: Memory allocation failed

Dear Specialist,

I am running IOS version 8.0(5) in cisco ASA 5520. This issue i am facing is that when the memory utilzation reaches 49 percent, the web-vpn users are not able to login as they are getting a blank page.

The only error which is getting in the output " sh mem webvpn allobjects" is ERROR: Memory allocation failed

Can any body tell what could be the reason.?

New Member

ERROR: Memory allocation failed

As per the symptoms it seems to be hitting this bug


Try the workaround if possible on test bed with new Image.


ERROR: Memory allocation failed


The bug ID:CSCsm51093, conditions doesn't matches our situation, as the issue is not found on 8.0.5 & the same is not on 5520.

As the issue is that the webvpn users are getting a blank page. Alo the error which mentioned is found in the command output.

Also one major point to note: As the ASA is in failover, & when the issue happens, I am manually failovering to secondary firewall & it works fine with the secondary firewll even after 50 percent memory usage.

By default the memory usage for webvpn is 50 percent. Whether it is recommended to increase the memory allocation for vpn after 50 percent.

It would be much appreciated if this queries can be answered.

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