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Explanation of VPN settings in PIX 7.0


I am currently setting up a VPN on a PIX 515E (7.0 OS). Although I have it working, I feel I need more understanding of all the options. The documentation I have found tends to be straight to the point and not full of explanation.

Are there any docs that explain VPN (pretty much from basic terms) and explain what the options within PIX are for and what they do, etc?

Many thanks.



Re: Explanation of VPN settings in PIX 7.0

have you read "cisco security appliance cli configuration guide, version 7.0"?

in particular, you maybe interested in the following sections:

configuring ipsec and isakmp

setting general vpn parameters

configuring tunnel groups, group policies, and users

configuring ip addresses for vpn

configuring remote access vpns

configuring lan-to-lan vpns

configuring webvpn

further, you may get a book named "ccsp self-study: cisco secure virtual private networks (csvpn), 2nd edition"

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Re: Explanation of VPN settings in PIX 7.0

Many thanks!


Re: Explanation of VPN settings in PIX 7.0

it's good to learn that your issue has been resolved.

according to cisco:

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