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EZVPN tunnel up, but cant reach router

I have this weird problem with a customer firewall>851 EZVPN connection. I can see the tunnel up, I can see some traffic across the tunnel but can not reach devices or the router over the tunnel.

I know the tunnel is working, when the router is rebooted it comes up and I can access the router and the phone connected to it works. I added DPD to the router for 30 20, but I never see the inbound DPD.  Over time the router and phone stop responding, yet tunnel is up, and counters increase.


Reboot the router and all is back to normal until the next time.  The 851 is behind a nat device.


I am wondering if this is a bug with 8.2(2) on a 5510.

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If the reboot is resolving

If the reboot is resolving the issue then this could be a memory leak. There is also stale crypto classify table bug with ASA on 8.2(2).

You can open a TAC case to verify and troubleshoot further.

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