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New Member

Failover IOS

I have UR bundle PIX firewall, I am having strange problem with FO firewall, after upgrading the IOS image when i reboot it it always comes with the old IOS image. So many times I upgrade the IOS, but after reboot it again comes back with old image. The flash shows only one image not two image. I updgrade the IOS in monitor mode, can anybody help me out why it is so. and how to slove this problem, bcz after reboot my primary firwall gave me error that IOS is not match with the mate etc

New Member

Re: Failover IOS


Fist is you look in the flash what file do you have ? and what version are we talking about (from / to)

You can have a boot ldr that is poiting to the old PIXOS Image.


New Member

Re: Failover IOS

I have only one file in flash which is image.

I applied this command and got the following error,

fw(config)# boot system flash:/image

ERROR: Unable to set this url, it has already been set

Remove the first instance before adding this one

after reboot it is again giving me same error,

PDC-Srv-525-1# d


Mate version 7.2(3) is not identical with ours 7.2(3)8


ebuBeginning configuration replication: Sending to mate.


Re: Failover IOS

you need to perform "copy tftp flash:" again.

When you do it from "rommon" mode, it only

copies from tftp to the RAM, NOT Flash. Do it

again with "copy tftp flash:" and you will see

the image in flash.

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