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Firefox and AnyConnect 3.1

Is anyone have issues getting AnyConnect 3.1 to work with Firefox on Windows 8.  I have upgraded the client on the router and tested vs. OSX Safari and Firefox on Win 7 32 bit. All works fine.  The issue seems to be on Win 8 and Firefox 15.  Java starts and then hangs after it launches the Java Applet.

I have seen some previous discussions on this and the recommendation was to go up to 3.1 on Win 8.  Another fix was to go into the Java Control Panel and uncheck Enable Blacklist revocation check.  Does not seem to help.  The webvpn pages gets to the following:

"Web-based installation was unsuccessful. If you wish to install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, you may download an installer package."

I have manually installed and still no go.  I have double checed the plugins in Firefox to make sure that Java is enabled - it is.  This cropped up after upgrades to Java.  The JRE is Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_07-b10). 

On the infosec side,  Win 8 is running MS Sec. Essential (Windows Defender on 8).

Anyone have any ideas?



Just a little bit more info after some more experimentation.  I have a VM with Win 7 (32bit), Firefox 11 and Java SE7U1.  Tested AnyConnect and it worked.  Upgraded Firefox to V15.  AnyConnect stopped working.  Updated Java to SE7U7.  Retested and AnyConnect worked.  Went back to the Win 8 machine - same version of Java (SE7U7) as on Win 7 machine.  Firefox is 15 (x86 en-US) also.  Anyconnect does not work, 

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Firefox and AnyConnect 3.1

Hi Jerry,

We currently do not support windows 8. Developers might start working on it once the final release of windows 8 comes out. We also have some internal enhancement requests filed for it but currently there is no ETA for this.

Shikhar Sharma

CCIE Security # 29741

Cisco TAC - VPN Team

New Member

Firefox and AnyConnect 3.1

Hi Shikhar

Thanks for the update. Hopefully soon. 

The final release of Win 8 is out.  I am on my MSDN RTM version that came out several weeks ago.  It just has not gone out to the general public.



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