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General VPN question


I am trying to find out if there is a way to set a source interface for a VPN that is ran on the IOS. The router in question is a cisco 871

The config has Nat running with 5 IP's

Four of the are static entries ending in

.193 overload and assigned to the fast Ethernet port of the router

.194 assigned to a pc

.195 assigned to a pc

.196 assigned to a pc

.197 assigned to a pc

I am not sure as to what IP the router will listen for incoming VPN connections


Re: General VPN question

If the vpn is configured on your router to accept site to site vpn or remote access vpn, the router will listen for vpn on the interface where the crypto map and the isakmp are enabled on.

New Member

Re: General VPN question

it is set up for remote access. the though is to have it connect only on .193

Re: General VPN question

Then first get your client connected, after it is done see if you can ping the exchange ip address or the exchange name, if you get a reply then try to telnet to port 25 of that ip address. Are you getting a connection?

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