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gre over ipsec tunnel not established and ospf mtu mss issue


We have a customer who has 8 branches. 6 branches gre over
ipsec tunnel is established with their headoffice without having any
problem because they are connected through VLAN directly from PE router.
Only problem is happening at 2 branches. recently we have
implemented MPLS in our network and that customer all the branches are
connected through MPLS vrf. 6 branches are connected through VLAN point
to point ip with us and those branches are coming through layer2
switches upto PE router. rest 2 branches is connected through L2TPV3
router in between then through VLAN upto PE. the scenerio is

branch office ---->L2TPV3 Router fa0/1 xconnect------>L2TPV3 router
Fa0/0 pseduowire-----> PE Router1 VLAN 333----> PE Router2 VRF with  same VLAN

everyday clearing ip ospf neighbour process at branch office router tunnel gets up and remain
up whole day but when they shutdown the router everyday evening and open it at nextday morning
tunnel doesnt up automatically ospf neighbour show down

L2TPV3 router

pseudowire-class ethernet
ip local interface Loopback0
ip pmtu

no ip address
ip route-cache flow
speed auto
no cdp enable
xconnect 110 pw-class ethernet

Customer branch office router

interface Tunnel1
description "branch office"
bandwidth 1024
ip address
ip mtu 1452
no ip route-cache cef
no ip route-cache
ip tcp adjust-mss 1360
no ip mroute-cache
tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0
tunnel destination
tunnel path-mtu-discovery

customer headoffice office router

interface Tunnel21
description "branch office router"
ip address
ip mtu 1452
ip tcp adjust-mss 1360
ip ospf cost 10
tunnel source
tunnel destination
tunnel path-mtu-discovery

problem is ospf neighbour is not getting up automatically if the router gets
down. after clearing the ospf process tunnel is getting up. sometimes
tunnel is getting down by giving the ospf too many retransmission error.
before applying the MTU size we saw the debug ip ospf adjacency which
was showing

*Mar 14 17:03:00.493 BDT: OSPF: Send DBD to on Tunnel1 seq 0x1605 opt 0x52 flag 0x3 len 1452
*Mar 14 17:03:00.493 BDT: OSPF: Retransmitting DBD to on Tunnel1 [25]
*Mar 14 17:03:05.502 BDT: OSPF: Killing nbr on Tunnel1 due to excessive (25) retransmissions
*Mar 14 17:03:05.502 BDT: OSPF: address on Tunnel1 is dead, state DOWN
*Mar 14 17:03:05.502 BDT: %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 100, Nbr on
Tunnel1 from EXCHANGE to DOWN, Neighbor Down: Too many retransmissions
*Mar 14 17:04:13.666 BDT: OSPF: Rcv DBD from on Tunnel1 seq 0x1EA0 opt 0x52 flag 0x7 len 32  mtu 1476 state EXSTART
*Mar 14 17:04:13.670 BDT: OSPF: First DBD and we are not SLAVE
*Mar 14 17:04:13.698 BDT: OSPF: Rcv DBD from on Tunnel1 seq 0xF5D opt 0x52 flag 0x2 len 1452  mtu 1476 state EXSTART

so we set ip MTU 1452 at branch office and headoffice tunnel. can someone help us
what would be the correct MTU and MSS setting at tunnel interface which will help to
gets the ospf neighbour and tunnel up and running without clearing ip ospf neighbour process
manually everyday.
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