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group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol

I am trying to set up anyconnect ssl vpn for mac users along side our older ipsec vpn for windows.

The group-policy for our current vpn specifies: vpn-tunnel-protocol IPSec.

The group-policy vpn-tunnel attribute for anyconnect is: vpn-tunnel-protocol svc.

Can I place this vpn-tunnel-protocol svc paramenter as another option in our current group policy or do I need to create a new group policy for the anyconnect users?

Everything else in the current group policy is exactly what I need for the anyconnect users.

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Re: group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol


To my understanding you should be able to have both SSL and IPsec VPN under the same configurations.

I'm not sure what the correct CLI format is. Is it to perhaps enter them both at same time or add them separately.

I guess it would be easiest to change the configurations through ASDM.

I made a quick IPsec-RA profile on my ASA and added to it the SSL VPN Client

It now shows

group-policy internal

group-policy attributes

vpn-tunnel-protocol ikev1 ssl-client

I also added

tunnel-group webvpn-attributes

group-alias enable

- Jouni

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Re: group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol


Thanks for the reply.

So you are at least able to apply two different tunnel protocols to the same group-policy attributes and your clients determine which to choose?

This set up is only going to be for the very few mac users that we have on site. The vast majority of our people use the Cisco VPN client 5.0 for windows.

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Re: group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol


Well your IPsec VPN clients would still continue to connect straight with the Client software which has the profile created with the Group Name and PSK and peer IP address.

Your SSL VPN Clients would connect to the Web Portal of ASA and choose the connection profile in the drop down menu, log in and install the AnyConnect VPN Client.

Or if they had the Client already they would open the AnyConnect client and connect to the peer IP address, choose the group and log in.

- Jouni

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Re: group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol


One more thing.

We were thinking that we would deploy the client to the workstations since there are only about 10 people who will be using this. Is there really a need to deploy to the worksation since the client loads when they access the web portal?

Re: group-policy anyconnect vpn tunnel protocol

Hello John,

If you are providing the client download via the Webvpn portal there is no need to install it on the client unless you want to stop downloading the client every single time a user connects.

In order to do that you just need to configure the SVC setting to keep the installer on the PC and then just change the option of downloading the Anyconnect without promting the user or cancel the download 4 sure.

Hope this helps.

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