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Help with QOS on ASA

Our company currently has 23 remote offices connected by an MPLS network. We are in the process of redesigning our WAN and are considering moving all offices to Internet connections and creating site-to-site VPN tunnels between them and our data center. However, we're trying to figure out if we can QOS the traffic from our data center to the remote sites effectively.

1. Each remote office has a 2821 router

2. Most remote offices would have a 3Mbps Internet connection for upstream and downstream

3. Tunnels would terminate on an ASA 5520 at the data center

4. The data center has a 100MB internet connection

5. We would not be doing split tunneling for the remote offices

6. Internet traffic for the remote offices would come in the ASA and back out the appropriate tunnel.

7. We need to prioritize voice to each remote location

Could we configure QOS on the ASA such that outbound traffic to each remote location (each tunnel) would not exceed 3Mbps and voice to each location had reserved bandwidth of, say, 300K? Also, does the QOS apply to the regular Internet traffic since it is coming in the outside interface of the ASA and leaving out the same interface via a VPN tunnel to each location?

Sorry for the ignorance. I have read the Cisco doc on QOS on the ASA, but QOS is definitely a weak point for me and I appreciate any help figuring this out.



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