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Help with VPN (DSL/PPoE)

Here is my network:

Speedstream 4200 Modem (DSL over PPoE) -> Cisco RV220w

I have created a QuickVPN client on the RV220w but when I use the public facing IP address and try to connect using these credentials, I just get a 'remote host cannot be reached' type of error. Is anyone familiar with the Speedstream 4200 modem? Do I need to change it to BRIDGE mode or change something so that it'll work with the RV220?

Community Member

Help with VPN (DSL/PPoE)

The modem is now in BRIDGE mode so the RV220w now has the public IP. I've followed the router admin guide to add a QuickVPN client and used the QuickVPN client software on an XP machine outside of the network to try and connect. I get the usual "failed to establish a connection" error message. And yes, I've disabled the Windows firewall on this machine.

I really need someone to hand hold me to get this set up, or at least point me to some pretty detailed walkthroughs online.

Can anyone help?

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