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Home router IP scope = Remote IP Scope

I am hoping someone can help shed some light on this. I know that if a home networks IP scope = that of the remote IP scope a VPN connection is not possible. However, here is my scenario, I have a home network with an IP Scope of 192.168.2.x, I connect to my company network and I am assigned an IP address in the following scope, 172.16.1.x, but my company network has servers that live on a 192.168.2.x scope.

When I try to access these servers on the companies 192.168.2.x scope I get intermittent results sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I am assuming that the system believes those resources are locally connected and attempts to go to the local segment rather than over the tunnel.

I am using a Cisco VPN client v5.0.0.7.

Now for my question, is there any way to configure the VPN concentrator to completely tunnel all traffic, even traffic that may seem to be locally connected?

Or is the best solution to simply change the home network to something other than an internal company IP scope?

Thanks for any help.

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