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How does one control routing with the S/W VPN Client?

I have two laptops that work dfferently despite similar configurations, but different OS.  The wireless is connected to a domain network, and they have the VPN Cleint software for accessing a remote site.  When the Windows XP unit has it's VPN connected, the local app (SQL) works just fine.  When the Windows 7 machine has the VPN connected, the local app fails.  Actually, it eventually works, but I think it's trying to access the local server via the VPN (which eventually times out, and it tries the correct route).

If I do an IPCONFIG/ALL, I can't see any differences between the two machines, although I'll admit there's significant differences between the XP and Win7 report detail/format.

Both machines have their local connection set to get IP, DNS, etc. from the server's DCHP.  The Cicso clients are "vanilla" although the failing unit is a more recent version of the client since the older client doesn't work with 64 bit Win7.  I don't want to upgrade the XP client, since it works as is.

There must be some way to control the routing between the two "adapters" that works with XP's default but not with Win7?  It might be Toshiba versus Lenova ?  I'm obviously a network ignoramis.

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