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How ... how ... download vpn software @ cisco


I am really upset right now as I just spent over three hours to figure out how in god's name i can update my quick vpn software. I just bought for over 2500USD of cisco material here in switzerland (two pro-500 full managed switches, an 541N access point and a RVS4000 router). I have installed the quick vpn which came on the cd rom with my router and as I'm 7 ultimate 64 I can just not connect. So running through the forums I find out that this is a know problem and that before going further I should run a new VPN client software. Now trying to download I cannot...I have to register..fine...done..... BUT NO now I need a I don't know which service agreement with I don't know who. I have used dozen of routers and networking gear but I have never experienced that for a owned product after registration I can not download an upgrade.

Can somebody help me out before I throw the whole thing out of the window please.....sorry but I'm really on the nerves right know because this is just so ennoying !!!!


Re: How ... how ... download vpn software @ cisco

Call Cisco TAC - 1-800-553-2447

Give them the serial number of your device.  If you registered it correctly, they will add whatever service contracts are valid as part of your profile, if you ordered SmartNET.

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Re: How ... how ... download vpn software @ cisco

I agree with Roland.  Where does someone register new equipment?   It's not clearly marked.

Should I call TAC to register a product?


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How ... how ... download vpn software @ cisco

This is a known issue with windows 7

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows Firewall needs to be enabled in

order for QuickVPN Client to function properly. This issue occurs because IPSec

service on Vista is disabled when Windows Firewall is disabled. Some thirdparty

firewalls will disable the Windows Firewall, which will cause QuickVPN to


A complete list of the known issues are in the release notes:

You should be able to get this to work with the latest version of Quick VPN which is available on and does not require a service contract to donwload.

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