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How to access to a printer both by VPN and by local access ?

We have a shop with a printer, a router A for internet, a router B for VPN. Our saler print directly by router A from his mobile.

The VPN connect to the enterprise network. How to connect printer with router B and let the saler printing directly from his mobile ?


Assuming that both routers

Assuming that both routers are on the same IP segment and the printer is using router A as its default gateway, you should be able to add a static route to this router for the VPN destination network via router B. Traffic to the printer from the VPN will be delivered via router B and traffic from the printer to the VPN will be redirected from router A to router B via the static route.

New Member

I think it's the best

I think it's the best solution. Now i try to developp a tool for the spooler of the printer to reinitialize the spooler : i'll give my results as soon as possible.

New Member

well, it's not a success.

well, it's not a success. Router A and Router B have a dynamic IP. I can't fill a static route with this dynamic IP. It's out discussion, but my tool for the spooler is good but it's not correcting a problem with a virtual printer driver. 

Router A and router B don't

Router A and router B don't have static LAN addresses?

New Member

Router A has the default

Router A has the default static adress and router B has his static adress as gateway from our network defined with the mask and the range of adresses

Okay... so if router A uses

Okay... so if router A uses and router B uses (for example), adding a static route on router A for the VPN destination with router B's static address as the next hop should work.

I'm not quite understanding how dynamic addresses are coming into play here.

New Member

Shematicly (it's not true

Shematicly (it's not true adresses for router B et router N)

router A : (for internet and wifi of the shop)

router B : Local Network -> Phone IP : ...


router C : (for internet)

router N :  Enterprise Network -> PC : ...


router B and router N are linked by VPN

From the looks of your

From the looks of your configuration, there's no IP connection between router A and router B at all, so that's going to keep your printer from being accessed by both routers no matter what you do.

New Member

I think too in a such

I think too in a such configuration. Router is behind Router A but Router B has his own local network and his own access to the web by PPoE.  By WAN, I'll hope, it's was possible but I've got dynamic adress.

Can you post a diagram of how

Can you post a diagram of how all of these routers are physically connected? Also, what models are these?

New Member

Maybe I've got a conflict

Maybe I've got a conflict with the different internet router, they have all the original configuration with or

New Member

it's not necessary to send

it's not necessary to send you the diagram , you're right : there is no solution in this configuration. But maybe with a second VLAN in router B and connect the printer on this VLAN, that is easier to isolate the printer for having the both access : by a local Wifi of Router B and by the enterprise network via VPN on Router B. The solution is perhaps : On router B, 1 Wifi for the salers, 1 VLAN in static with only the printer, 1 VLAN for the equipement in VPN.

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