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How to configure Multiple PPTP VPN Clients on cisco 3g supported Router

I want the router to be a PPTP VPN client to 2 independent PPTP servers, both are in different cities in Cisco routers. I have tested with one on cisco 1841 aqnd its working fine; but when I add the 2nd, its using vpdn-group 1 and therefore connecting to the wrong PPTP server:

here is the config for the one that works:

vpdn-group 1


protocol pptp

rotary-group 0

initiate-to ip


interface Dialer0

mtu 1450

ip address negotiated

ip pim dense-mode

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly

zone-member security private

encapsulation ppp

ip igmp query-interval 125

dialer in-band

dialer idle-timeout 0

dialer string 123

dialer vpdn

dialer-group 1

no peer neighbor-route

no cdp enable

ppp pfc local request

ppp pfc remote apply

ppp encrypt mppe auto

ppp authentication ms-chap-v2 ms-chap eap chap pap callin

ppp eap refuse

ppp chap hostname xxx@xxx

ppp chap password 7 xxxpassword

But if I create a vpdn-group 2 and a Dialer1 interface, with dialer-group 2, its still attempting to connect to the IP in vpdn-group 1 - how do I get it to use the 2nd vpdn-group, or how do I make this work? and which cisco 3G Router you prefer because these are remote sites and only 3G Internet service is available.

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