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How to perfom natting and send those natted traffic over site to site vpn tunnel in PIX

The scenario is given below


                                                                (Site to Site VPN Tunnel)                 Static NAT

client-A PC---------> VPN Gateway<-------------------------------------------->PIX---------------------Router--------- |---->Provider Server1(




Client A has been established Site to Site VPN Tunnel with Cisco PIX. VPN tunnel Phase -1 is up. Now client-A want to access Provider end Server1-IP: with port number 5555 and Server2-IP: with port number 5555. Provider end want to do Static Nat with port number by mapping a Internet route able  IP( )  to those Server IPs . It means Client-A will not know about the Private IP address of Provider end server IPs.Client-A  will send traffic to IP: with port no 5555 and traffic will be routed to Provider end server IP: with port no 5555. Provider end will send the response traffic using source NAT to IP: over Site to Site VPN Tunnel.At provider end, PIX will deal with all kind of VPN tunnel and NAT and router will do only routing and it will not NAT any traffic


So, what will be configuration at PIX site for the above scenario. Any kind of comments in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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