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India - VPN Tunnel Encryption Regulations?


We are working with a client who will have a manf. plant in India. That particular plant will not be a part of a global MPLS network, but will have a DSL (broadband) connection to the facility thru a local ISP. Our plan is to create a “site-to-site” VPN tunnel - so far pretty straight forward.

However, we were told by some US carriers that are regulation on how the site-to-site VPN tunnel can be encrypted i.e. the current regulation does not allow for higher than a 40-bit encryption. We have not been able to find substantial evidence supporting or denying this regulation.

Is anyone aware of VPN tunnel encryption regulations to India? To further expand this questions, are there any regulation to China also? Since this would be our next site for hook up.



Re: India - VPN Tunnel Encryption Regulations?

I've setup hundreds of tunnels to India (None to China) and I've never heard of that restriction.

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Re: India - VPN Tunnel Encryption Regulations?

I would have to say that there is no way thats true.

That would mean even DES is to strong as the key length is 56-bits.

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hi all.. i see that this

hi all.. i see that this thread is about 7 years old. Wondering if there was any update. I have been sifting through documents stating encryption regulations (and we'll work with legal as well). But, wanted to check in this group in addition to that. Sri.. have you had a chance to pursue this further and setup a site2site from India ? If so, may i ask what bit length you had to adhere to.. thanks much. aram

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