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Internet access stopped working

I have an ASA5505 set up for one site to site VPN and one remote access VPN. Everyone on the inside network had access to the internet. This is no longer working. I can still access my server from the other end of the VPN connection so I know there is nothing wrong with the ISP hardware. I swapped ASA units and was able to get internet access. I need to use the original unit. Any thoughts on what might have happened or where I should look? It has been working for 2 - 3 years up until last week.


Re: Internet access stopped working

Has anything changed since it stopped working? Have they lost power to the device, and maybe it lost initial settings. It's really hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the config.



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Re: Internet access stopped working

Nothing changed as far as I could tell. I replaced the unit with another one on Friday that was not configured the same just to give that office email/internet access. I had them switch back to the old one on Monday so that we could establish the VPN again for a short time. The problem went away and that office now has email/internet access again. No settings were changed, the only action taken with that unit was it sat without power over the weekend????

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