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IOS SSL VPN - preserve DNS server client setting

I got IOS SSL VPN and a MAC client. Not sure if this is IOS SSL VPN specific and if ASA has the same issue, and not sure if thit is a MAC client specific and if Windows has the same issue.

When IOS SSL VPN connects IOS will assign DNS server to the client, command:

policy group sslvpn

  svc dns-server primary

I actually don't need the client to get DNS server IP and would like the client to preserve existing DNS server connections from the Local LAN. Some clients are on networks that assign DNS servers, and don't let resolution to any other DNS servers.

There is no DNS server on the headend network to let clients use for resolution.

If I don't use the "svc dns-server primary" command, I see the "/etc/resolv.conf" file disappear from the client machine and DNS then doesn't work. Is there any way to prevent this from happening and just let the client use their own DNS?

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