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ipad remote access VPN (ipsec) setup on ASA

I had IPAD setup IPSEC Remote Access VPN to try to conect to ASA5540 and Cat65 VPN service module(V1).

I works fine on Cat65 VPN service module using IPAD client, but it is fail on IPAD client connect to ASA5540.THe message should be "VPN server is no response"

My laptop Cisco VPN client (Windows 7) works fine on both (Cat65 VPN module and ASA5540).

There is any special setting for IPAD client on ASA5540 ?

The IPAD ios version 5.1.1

The ASA5540 version 8.4(4)1 ADSM 6.4(9)

The Cat65 version is quit old binding with CatOS V12.2 etc.


Re: ipad remote access VPN (ipsec) setup on ASA

If you are using the any connect client on the iPad, there is a special license required on the Asa.

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Re: ipad remote access VPN (ipsec) setup on ASA

Anyconnect on  IPAD works fine. I request additional license(AnyConnect for Mobile).

It is only fail on IPAD remote access VPN client

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