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IPSec stateful failover in IOS

I have very simple site-2-site VPN setup:

Site A is my company A running on a single Cisso VXR7206 IOS version 12.3(T). network behind my company is

Site B is company B running a pair of Checkpoint Firewall NGx R65. network behind company B is

Site C is company C running a single Cisco 3845 IOS version 12.4(T). network behind company C is

Company B and company C do not know each other.

I have a L2L VPN between company A and company B. That one is working fine, just regular L2L IPSec tunnel.

I have a L2L VPN between company A and company C. This is done via an GRE encapsulate inside an IPSec tunnel (i.e. GRE/IPSec),

Everything is working fine. But now my company A want to add redundancy to the L2L VPN between company A and company B and company A and company C.

We are going to add another VXR7206 at Site A. The objective is that if one of the routers at site A crashes, the other will take over without missing a beat.

I can create multiple GRE/IPSec tunnels between company A and company C and use HSRP to control the flow of the traffics between site A and site C and

that the connection will be "stateful" due to the nature of GRE/IPSec.

My issue has to do with the stateful of IPSec between the cisco and Checkpoint firewall. Checkpoint platform the customer use does not support GRE,

only IPSec.

Anyone know how I can resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: IPSec stateful failover in IOS

I would actually prefer the use of an IGP to handle the failover between site A and C, but there may be limitations with doing that. You could combine that with two active GRE or VTI tunnels and it would work great for the A to C connection.

Your question is along the traditional IPSec side. You may want to look at the following URL which discusses the new stateful failover features in the later 12.4T.

If money were no object, I would do A to B with two ASA's in failover and reverse route injection and the A to C with VTI and an IGP protocol like (EIGRP or OSPF). The ASA has a great stateful failover.

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