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New Member

IPSec tunnel and policy NAT question

Hello All!

I have a router acting as VPN gateway on my end and I need to implement NAT translations on my IPSEC tunnel as follows:

1. I need to translate incoming IP address of the remote end of IPSec tunnel to some other IP address on our end

2. I need to translate outgoin IP address of our end of IPSec tunnel to a different IP address

I have impemented following configuration, but for some reason it is not working, I get packets decrypted on my end, but dont have packets encrypted to send to the other end.

Here is the configuration

Remote end  crypto interesting ACL:

ip access-list extended crypto-interesting-remote

permit ip host host

My end configuration:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0

ip address yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly in

duplex auto

speed auto

crypto map VPN

ip access-list extended crypto-interesting-local

permit ip host host

interface GigabitEthernet0/3

ip address

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly in

speed auto

ip nat inside source static   (to translate loca IP address to the one on the crypto-interesting list - exposed to the remote peer - it works)

ip nat outside source static (to translate remote IP address to some other IP address on our end - not working - I get packets decrypted, but no packets encrypted)

ip route gigabitethernet 0/0

ip route

All the routes are set, crypto ipsec tunnel is up and working and I am wondering if this is possible to achieve two-way NAT translation ?

Any response highly appreciated!


New Member

IPSec tunnel and policy NAT question

Figured that out.

The problem was in route

ip route gigabitethernet 0/0

should be next-hop IP address instead of interface gigabitethernet0/0

Apparently packet arrives on the interface but does not pass it, when having route like this, becuase there is no one sitting with ip address on the outside

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