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IPSec tunnel over Speedtouch to FortiGate

I have the following setup:

lan----[Cisco 1841]------[Speedtouch 608]-------Internet-------[Fortigate]

I already have on other locations an IPSec tunnel between a cisco router and the fortigate  (over adsl with modem aswell in bridge mode as NAT router). No problem so far.

The only new thing here is that it is a speedtouch 608 modem. Speedtouch support advice to have the modem assign the public ip address to the router by DHCP (this is a feature of the modem, similar to bridge mode, but unfortunaly not the same). But the ipsec tunnel does not come up, it even looks like it is not even going through the adsl modem

Does anyone have experience with setting up a ipsec tunnel behinde a Speed touch 608 (with or with out NAT, as long as it works.

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