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IPSec Tunnel

Hello all,

A few questions about a proposed network solution that folks at my company are talking about right now.. Currently we're taking over a remote location where we have access to the public internet only.

They are proposing we use an IPSec tunnel to connect this site to our headquarters until we can get leased lines up and running.. At our HQ we have a sidewider firewall, and for the remote location we'll have an ASA.

Is this doable with the standard ASA 52XX/55XX software / hardware? Keep in mind no additional modules have been purchased.

Forgive me if it's a silly question, I don't work with cisco security products much, mostly just routing / switching...

Thanks -



Re: IPSec Tunnel

if u ask is that IPSEC configure able on ASA

the answer ofcourse YES

and cisco one of the leaders in the industry in Security field and firewalling with ASA

for IPSEC u dont need any additional modules u can configure it directly but the is limitation of the number of tunnels based on ur device model and licensing

but for ur case u can use it with the basic license because u dont need very big amount of tunnels i guess

see this config example

and see this link for ASA VPN capabilities and number of sessions

good luck

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