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Is AnyConnect Required Lisence?


i installed Any-connect  vpn on my Cisco 2951, After installation Any-connect license show me evaluation version. see the details below.

Do i need separate license for any connect?  if anyone have experience please let me know.


Thanks a lot


Router IOS



Router details:-


Cisco CISCO2951/K9 (revision 1.0) with 485376K/38912K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID FHK1350F29P

4 FastEthernet interfaces

3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

1 terminal line

1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module

DRAM configuration is 72 bits wide with parity enabled.

255K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

254464K bytes of ATA System CompactFlash 0 (Read/Write)



License Info:


License UDI:



Device#   PID                   SN


*0        CISCO2951/K9         




Technology Package License Information for Module:'c2951'



Technology    Technology-package           Technology-package

              Current       Type           Next reboot


ipbase        ipbasek9      Permanent      ipbasek9

security      securityk9    Permanent      securityk9

uc            None          None           None

data          None          None           None


Configuration register is 0x2102


Show license:-



StoreIndex: 4   Feature: SSL_VPN                           Version: 1.0

        License Type: EvalRightToUse

        License State: Active, In Use

            Evaluation total period: 8  weeks 4  days

            Evaluation period left: 7  weeks 0  day

            Period used: 1  week  3  days

            Transition date: Dec 24 2014 23:28:00

        Lock type: Non Node locked

        Vendor info: <UDI><PID>NOTLOCKED</PID><SN>NOTLOCKED</SN></UDI><T>RTU</T>

        License Addition: Additive

        License Generation version: 0x8200000

        License Count: 150/0  (In-use/Violation)

        License Priority: Low






AnyConnect used to require

AnyConnect used to require per-seat licensing, but as of IOS 15.3.3M3, the SSL VPN license has been rolled up into the Security license. Upgrade to 15.3.3M4 and your licensing concerns will go away.

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