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Is there any Android tablet VPN connection client for Cisco 881?

Purpose is to implement employer VPN (secure) access with Lenovo Thinkpad tablet (Android) to NAS behind Cisco 881 router.

Right now there is only Windows based Cisco VPN  client access.

Does Cisco Anyconnect supports Android VPN connection to Cisco 881?

Or does there exists any other Lenovo Android tablet VPN client software to creat VPN connection with Cisco 881?

If not, the how else it's possible with given hardware? (Lenovo tablet and Cisco 881)

Thanks for all ideas!

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Is there any Android tablet VPN connection client for Cisco 881?


Anyconnect on Android (and other mobiles) connection to IOS devices is planned for March 2013 (rough ETA).

However some people have reported it to be working, we don't claim official support.

That being said, Android has a built in L2tp over IPsec capabilities which IOS router (or ASA) with recent versions should be able to terminate.

i.e. if it's based on standards IOS should be able to terminate it.


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Re: Is there any Android tablet VPN connection client for Cisco

Thanks Marcin,

Please could anyone drop here any info where to get introduced with present possibilities?


We have bought Android tablet from Lenovo, which was claimed to support Cisco VPN which now appears is not truth in our case.

Obvilously it will be returned to Lenovo if I can't provide tablet access over Cisco 881 to NAS. :-(

1. Present 881 is set up with Cisco Easy VPN client and certificate file

Does Android can utilize the same certificate file? Or should I forget this certificate?

And the cert file import should be byapassed and replaced with some other clever settings?


Now Anyconnect certificate Import asks for password, when trying to import present cerficate, while password isn't required in Windows.

That means we don't have the password.

2. Our Cisco 881 is under ISP remote control and there isn't much of chance to play with present settings. But knowing excatly how to configure 881 without loosing it's Windows Easy Connect client connectivity, I could ask ISP to configure our 881 for this task.


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