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Issue in accessing a network URL when connected to VPN



I use CISCO Client to connect to a network using IPSEC transport and once connected use the RDP to access seevral VMs. I have many portals like sharepoint , a web portal which i access from the VMs.  However, i cannot access these URLs from my PC when connected to VPN. What should i do to access these URLs from my PC when connected to VPN.

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Hi,Sounds like your PC is not


Sounds like your PC is not getting DNS from the environment.  You can push DNS server details to VPN clients when you configure the remote access VPN profile.

Once you have DNS setup you should be able to resolve the URLs.

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Thanks rhyshobden. The VPN

Thanks rhyshobden.


The VPN profile file (.pcf) is provided by a vendor to us. Do we need to change something in this profile?

Hi, Regarding your last



Regarding your last question:


VPN Client PCF configuration (profile) file contains customized connection settings for VPNs. PCF files are stored in simple text format and it is viewable in any text editor such as Windows Notepad, Notepad++, gedit, TextEdit.


On this case, the best practice is to contact your vendor and let him know, that he will need to add the DNS servers to the group policy and to the tunnel group, also are you able to open those URLs by IP address?


Once the DNS is on the configuration as the previous engineer advised it should work!


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