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Issue Updating ASA 5510 Software

I recently purchased a Smarnet (software only) contract to run updates on one of our ASA 5510 (ASA ver. 8.2.1 and ASDM ver. 6.2.1)

I get the below message:

There are no new images available.  Do you want to exit the wizard?

The issue I see with this message it the software is very outdated.  How is it not finding any new images.

I tried running the updates on one of our other ASA 5510 that has newer ASA/ASDM (ASA ver.  8.2.5, ASDM ver. 6.4.5) software and it comes back with a list of update options to choose from.

The Smartnet contract I purchased was for the serial number on the ASA where the updates are not finding any new versions.  Is there something that I am missing?  Also, I am running this through ASDM (tools -> software updates -> upgrade software from  The login that I am using has the contract associated in its profile.

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Issue Updating ASA 5510 Software


Since you have SmarNet you should contact Cisco  TAC directly  and have them pin point the issue .


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Issue Updating ASA 5510 Software


Is this a message from ASDM when trying to find updates? I am just asking as I dont use ASDM myself that much.

One thing that came to mind is if these ASA models are manufactured before February of 2010 then they wont contain enough RAM for the software levels 8.3 and newer.

Maybe that is the reason you arent given any choices of the newer softwares. 8.2(5) is the last software that you can run without the memory upgrade.

- Jouni

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Issue Updating ASA 5510 Software

It ended up being an issue with the ASDM version being too old.  I had to manually download the ASDM update from Cisco and install it that way (as oppose to checking for updates from the ASA).

After installing the update, I was able to see new updates (and install them) by checking through the ASA.

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