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Issue with VPN/NAT ??


I am at my Central office and we have two branch offices. We have site to site VPN from the two branch offices to the Central office. We have some servers in the Central office LAN for outside access to our clients and also for access from our branch offices. Our clients access these servers using public IP which is NAted to this server. Ideally, our branch office people should be able to access this server using private IP.

For example, we have an application server with IP whose 443 port is NATed. This server is being accessed by our clients through WAN and meanwhile, we are not able to pull out the application from our branch offices via VPN. From the branch office LAN I am able to ping this server, but the issue is while accessing the 443 port which is NATed. I can access other ports which are not NATed of the same server from my branch office. Any idea where I am wrong?

Thanks for any help

- Ribin

Cisco Employee

Re: Issue with VPN/NAT ??

Would you mind sharing your config (entirely, or at least the nat/static part) so we can have a look?

Community Member

Re: Issue with VPN/NAT ??

Thanks Herbert. The issue is solved. Please find the below URL:

Thanks for the response.

- Ribin

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