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Java problem within FW MC (VMS 2.2)

when accessing, from FW MC, the "Configuration ==> Setting ==> SNMP" option, I got the following error messages if my PIX config SNMP-SERVER LOCATION" parameter includes an ampersand character (& character) :

You have encountered an ERROR!

ERROR - The request attribute command is processSetting - The request attribute target is null - The custom msg is -

The application error is Nested exception during invocation of processSetting on the target

The exception is java.lang.NullPointerException

The exception message is null

The exception type is : java.lang.NullPointerException

The exception message is : null


(Other java esoterical messages follows)

If I remove the ampersand character from the SNMP-SERVER LOCATION parameter i.e. :

snmp-server location PARIS S R (instead of

snmp-server location PARIS S&R ),

the problem disapears

This problem appears with VMS 2.2 and VMS 2.2 Update 1

Cisco Employee

Re: Java problem within FW MC (VMS 2.2)

What version of firewall MC are you running specifically? I'm running 1.2.2 and I simply get a pop-up window telling me not to enter special characters, then it takes me back to the config screen.

Updates for Firewall MC (and all the other MC's can be found here):

I don't know of a specific bug fix for this (checked the Releae Notes for both 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 and there's nothing related), but there is a lot of Java fixes on both versions so the update probably fixes this issue just by fixing some Java issues. Try the update and see how you go.

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