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Juniper SSG550 to Cosco ASA

    Juniper stopped sending traffic to our Cisco ASA 5540 today. Last few syslog entries attached.

Looks like we stopped getting keep alive at 07:38:47

They start the connection so I looked to them to send traffic and I saw nothing is syslog when they tried. Likewise I saw nothing in the debug's.

I do not like to do this but I brought the tunnel up with packet tracker, cleared it and it popped right back up. So the basic configurations still matched.

I hate when this happens. Is there anything you can think of that would cause this that I might have control over. The other 50 VPN tunnels on this device stayed up, including the other Junipers.

The customer is looking to us for a solution, a plan for what to do next time.

we are running 8.2.5(26)

The tunnel has been up and functioning for two weeks as it it right now.

Anything else you would like to see I can provide.

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