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Kerebos on Concentrator

I have Kerebos autentication working on the concentrator. My question is is there a way to lock it down to where only a certain user in a certain group in active directory can login?. Right now any user with a Active Directory account is allowed to login. Is there a another product etc.. that will query active directory for group membership?.

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Re: Kerebos on Concentrator

I don't think there's any product currently available to do this.


Re: Kerebos on Concentrator

Hi,my name is Gary Miller.I work for Encoda Systems in New York City. I'm trying to authenticate to my Active Directory controller from my VPN 3000 Concentrator using Kerberos authentication, just like you are doing. I put in all the necessary steps. I can successfully ping from my concentrator to my Active Directory Primary Domain Controller. When I test this, I keep getting the "No response from server error message" Did you have to configure Radius on your Active Directory PDC. I configured authenitcation to the PDC both globally and on the group level, as well.I spoke with a several Cisco reps, and they said the config on my concentrator looks fine. My E-Mail address is Please respond as soon as you can.

Many thanks in advance

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