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L2L cisco 870 and ASA 5505

Hi ,

I have the following problem.

A BO with a cisco 870 with dynamic ip addressing by the provider for . and a cisco ASA5505 with static public ip address.

I need to set up a L2L VPN

The BO has the following public addressing :

  85.20.132.x ( for dialer 0 ) This range is dynamic and can change at router reboot .

  78.5.23.x   This range is static and is the public range I need to use .

  192.168.110.x private range for internal lan.

I set up the configuration as follow and the VPN does work but up to the BO router's interface . I can ping the private address but not a host in the same network ( I've already checked the host has the correct routing ) .

BO router config



Re: L2L cisco 870 and ASA 5505


From the ASA's local subnet you can PING

If this is correct, the tunnel is fine.

You should be able to reach devices on the 192.168.110.x as long as that network's default gateway is the router or there's a proper route on how to reach the ASA's subnet.


Community Member

Re: L2L cisco 870 and ASA 5505

that's the problem I can't sort out.

I can ping the router's interface from ASA's local subnet but cannot reach remote hosts (which is an AS400 I have no control at all )

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