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L2L with static, L2L with dynamic and VPN clients on a Cisco 871


I'm trying to configure three different VPN scenarios at the same on a Cisco 871.

The first one is a VPN between two 871 with static IPs.

The second one is a VPN between one of these 871 and a non Cisco VPN-Router with dynamic IP.

The third scenario are mobile clients connecting via Cisco VPN Client software and also with dynamic IPs.

Each configuration as standalone is no problem, I also managed the VPN between the two 871 and connection to the VPN clients.

Configuring the tunnels between the two 871 and to the non Cisco router works also, but then the VPN clients will fail (because of the dyn. IPs).

So, I started to work with a keyring for the dynamic L2L connection.

This works so far (got a little problem with AAA for the clients, but seem to be an other problem), but I cannot add the static L2L tunnel successfully.

Can you give me some help, how to configure these scenarios, as the order of the configuration will be important?

Thanks a lot!


Re: L2L with static, L2L with dynamic and VPN clients on a Cisco


The below link is exacly what you are looking for:

If you look on the router with remote access and L2L, you will notice the "no-xauth" keyword, this is to specify that the peer is a L2L, not a remote client:

crypto isakmp key xxx address 172.x.x.199 no-xauth

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