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Linksys BEFVP41 to Cisco Router VPN tunnels

Hello Experts. I currently have 10 branches using BEFVP41's to communicate to our HQ also using a BEFVP41 as a Hub. (So a Hub with 10 spokes). I'm having issues with this set up, mainly since any configuration change to the HQ router causes all the branches to disconnect. Also the managment web pages on the BEFVP41 arn't comming up unless I unplug the router from the ISP so it's not handeling any traffic. I think it's time to replace the Hub with a decent Cisco Router (I'm looking at an 1811 router, since we have 2 ISP's here at the HQ).

Does anyone have any advice on the needed configuration to still use the Linksys BEFVP41's on the spokes connecting to a Cisco router at the Hub?

Thanks in advance for your time & thoughts.

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