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Locking down anyconnect client profile

I was wondering if there is a way to lock down the anyconnect profile on a clients machine.  Basically we are using certifcates to authenticate so the client can make a VPN connection.  We have enabled the certifcate match function to check for IPSec User Extended Match Key.  I can modify the XML on the client PC to bypass the check and authenticate.  We would like to keep users from doing that.  Is there something I can setup on the ASA versus the client to check the certificate or prevent the XML from being modified?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Locking down anyconnect client profile

You can disable the user from changing any settings in the XML profile

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Locking down anyconnect client profile

I went in and modified the xml and removed the following.  I was then able to make a connection without checking for the IPSecUser extended key usage.  I have 2 certs on my client.  One cert has the IPSecUser extended key usage and the other does not.






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